Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 1 Package

Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 1 Package

Got sensitive skin? There’s a popular beauty treatment that harnesses the power of oxygen to disinfect the skin, hydrate the outermost layer of the epidermis, and improve your skin’s overall texture and complexion. It’s called Ozone Therapy and you don’t have to book an appointment from an overpriced skin clinic just to experience its benefits.


Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 1 Package

The TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 1 package is a highly recommended at-home beauty package that contains an array of FDA-cleared products and tools that could help you banish uneven skin tone, minimize acne breakouts, and restore its hydration to the highest level.

The OxyDerm device is a handheld tool that uses high frequency but low levels of electric current to sanitize, heal, and nourish the skin. It kills pimple-causing bacteria, shrinks the pores, and reduces incidents of irritation and inflammation.

This Ozone Therapy treatment introduces oxygen to the skin to cleanse any waste build-up which will subsequently eliminate dullness and dryness of texture and complexion. When skin is properly oxygenated, it increases the potency of beauty products applied – lending visible brightness, freshness, and smoothness.   

The CollaGenie Anti-Aging Mask is included within the SpaBox No 1 package. Its ‘Freeze-Dried’ Technology can activate skin cells, replenish the skin’s moisture, and lend that natural radiance to the skin.  

The SpaBox No 1 package is ideally suited for individuals with highly sensitive skin or those prone to acne breakouts and irritations. It is safe to be used within the comforts of your home at least once a week. If you want to experience all its beauty benefits, visit TEI SPA BEAUTY today. 

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