Five Dermatologist-Approved Ways To Fight Oily Skin

Five Dermatologist-Approved Ways To Fight Oily Skin

Modern skincare has made it possible to control the skin's hyperactive oil glands. Here are five dermatologist-approved ways to keep greasy, shiny appearance at bay.

1. Cleanse your face the right way

Twice a day facial cleansing – as soon as you wake up (or during your morning shower) and before bedtime – is more than enough. You’re not missing out on anything if you don’t do it at midday as well, on a mid-morning touch-up, or after a grueling workout session at the gym.

Increasing the frequency will just strip your skin of moisture and cause it to produce more oil. If you can’t bear excess oil on your face, a refreshing face mist or even a gentle toner is a much better option.

Limit the use of facial brushes and handheld tools to every other day and exfoliating must be done twice a week at the most to avoid flaking, redness, and discoloration.

2. Maintain skin’s hydration level

Nourishing oily skin with hydrating moisturizer seems to be counter-intuitive but this is the best way to combat oiliness. Dry skin tends to put sebaceous glands (your glands that secrete oil) into overdrive – leaving you looking like you dipped your face in a frying pan.

3. Adjust your skincare regimen

This doesn’t mean reducing the amount of smoothening serums or (heaven forbid) eliminating sunscreen from your beauty routine. It’s just about finding products with the right ingredients to fight oily skin. Consider the following: 

  • Facial cleansers with BHA (beta hydroxy acid): it can get through pore-clogging oil, has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and evens out skin tone 
  • Facial exfoliants with sulfur: removes excess oil and acne-causing bacteria  
  • Sunscreen with mineral-based zinc oxide: protects skin from sunspots without felling greasy 
  • Serums with hyaluronic acid: does not clog pores, very lightweight and soothing but intensely hydrating  
  • Clay masks: unclogs pores, saps excess oils, and effectively lessens breakouts  

4. Always carry blotting tissues

Don’t risk getting caught with an oily T-zone especially when you’ve forgotten to pack your shine-free cream foundation. Maintain dewy complexion or prolong your matte makeup look with a highly absorbent blotting paper. Even when you can’t be bothered with loose powder, those oil-sopping tissues can minimize oiliness without affecting your makeup.

5. Ensure your makeup stays put 

Sweat-proofing your makeup when you have oily skin can be done by using products that are lightweight, waterproof, and with film-forming agents. This will prevent oil from melting away all your makeup but still allow your skin to breathe. Whatever beauty technique you must do on your face, don’t forget to finish off your look with a mattifying and anti-oil setting spray.   

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