Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 2 Package

Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 2 Package

Not everyone can afford cosmetic dermatology procedures that promise to lift sagging, wrinkled skin. Thankfully, at-home beauty treatments that specifically tighten those loose and flabby skin areas are now available.

Introducing the TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 2 Package

The TEI SPA BEAUTY SpaBox No 2 package is a highly recommended at-home beauty package that contains an array of FDA-cleared products and tools with one goal – to help you achieve healthier, more defined-looking skin.

The Body Contouring & Massaging Tool is a portable electric device that uses high frequency vibration to dissolve fat, increase skin elasticity, and accelerate the body’s metabolism – all of which are said to encourage weight loss.

Also called Slim-U-Lite Massaging Kit, this handheld tool can be used while showering in conjunction with body cleansers and scrubs for better absorption of products and to increase its overall effectiveness. It is also an ideal massaging device that will allow facial serums and body creams to penetrate the skin more effectively.

It is lightweight and versatile enough to be used for the arms, abdomen, thighs, and other parts of the body that need improved blood circulation. Gently roll over a specific body part in an upward and outward motion for a relaxing effect and a more contoured body shape.

The SpaBox No 2 package also contains the following: 

  • Sea Salt Scrub: A custom blend exfoliating wash that removes dead skin cells, oil, and debris all over the body. Mild enough to be used on normal and dry skin types.  
  • Sonic Cleanser: Effectively opens the pores for deep cleansing and gently penetrates the skin to increase fast absorption of beauty products 
  • OxyCalming Serum: Made from natural organic botanical extracts with skin-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize skin, relieve any redness or irritation, and replenish the skin’s natural barrier against bacteria 

The SpaBox No 2 package is ideally suited for all skin types although particular caution is advised for those with highly sensitive skin. It is perfect for use at least once a week. If you want to experience all its beauty benefits, visit TEI SPA BEAUTY today. 

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