5 Reasons NOT To Sleep In Your Makeup

5 Reasons NOT To Sleep In Your Makeup

Reasons NOT To Sleep In Your Makeup

Your skin’s worst nightmare. 

We’ve all been there. After arriving home from a particularly hectic day at the office, nothing really seems to matter more than tucking yourself to bed right away – not a morsel to eat, not a quick peek on your crush’s Snapchats, and certainly not proper skincare routine.

Because what’s one innocent night of sleeping with false lashes, ruby-red lips, and strobed face on? Well..., a pretty rough night is what awaits your skin – and here are five problematic consequences to prove it.

1. Breakouts 

Air pollution, humid weather, and a stressful work environment can all cause breakouts but so does sleeping with makeup on. It’s because plenty of makeup products on the market contain pore-blocking ingredients – trapping dirt and oil and suffocating the skin.

All that makeup residue plus excess oil and sweat that have accumulated on your face will form a film-like blockage (like that gross soap scum build-up in the bathtub) on your skin overnight. The icky result: enlarged, congested pores and acne-like breakouts.

2.Dehydrated Skin

At night, natural skin hydration decreases to give way for the cell renewal and regeneration process as dictated by your circadian rhythm (the internal biological clock). If you leave your makeup on, your skin won’t be able to repair as effectively – an instant recipe for dry, dull skin the very next morning.

3. Premature Aging

You know why sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no? Because it speeds up the aging process! It prevents collagen production which makes the skin more vulnerable to free radical attacks (keyword: wrinkles).

Yep. Those paint-fading, plastic-deteriorating, artwork-degrading free radicals are the very same harmful molecules that hasten the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet – taking away the suppleness and youthful glow of your skin.

4. Dry, Chapped Lips

Another bad byproduct of leaving makeup on for extended periods of time – especially at night – is cracked, flaky lips. Just because your lipstick brand has a 24-hour smudge-proof guarantee doesn’t mean you should wear it to bed. 

What you wake up to the next day will be a peeling, scaling, and dried out pout that doesn’t look good on your lips at all.

5. Eye Irritation/Infection

The best mascaras and eyeliners money can buy will make for an extra-defined, intense stare but if you leave them on overnight, it can lead to brittle lashes, sty's (clogged lash follicles), eye inflammation, and even infection – yuck!  

Fresh Face + Sound Sleep = Stunning Skin

There is no excuse for not washing your face before heading off to dreamland. But if bad skin behavior occasionally gets the best of you (after all, we are human), makeup remover wipes can literally be a saving grace to your Kim-Kardashian-contoured face. 

Choose one that is compatible with your skin type and keep some them on your nightstand so you can wipe the grime away even if you lack the energy to move out of your comfy bed. It won’t remove all traces of foundation but it is much better than doing nothing at all and sleeping with all your makeup on.

The cornerstone for stunning skin (aside from a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset) is getting a solid night's sleep and sticking to a consistent skin care regimen. Upgrade your skincare routine with FDA-cleared and esthetician-approved SpaBox Collection from TEI SPA BEAUTY for long-lasting healthy, radiant skin.  

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