4 Ways To Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

4 Ways To Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


Florence Nightingale Graham, better known as Elizabeth Arden – founder, owner, and operator of the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics empire – was a pioneer in an era when makeup was often associated with “lower class” women once said, “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman."

Very Well Said.

But being beautiful in an  era of retouching, carefully-curated Instagram photos, and Barbie-type bodies can sink even the most indomitable modern woman (or man) into unending depths of depression and self-loathing

So, do we just go with the flow and cave into society’s demands and expectations of what makes a person beautiful? We most certainly do not! 

Steer clear of these unrealistic notions of beauty and let your own gorgeousness radiate around you with these 4 empowering steps  

 1. Stop obsessing 

Instead of being too critical about what you don’t like with your appearance, focus on your natural attributes and best features – and start appreciating your own flaws and imperfections – these are what make your beauty unique, so own it!   

True, this is easier said than done. Especially if you’ve spent most of your energy highlighting all the negative things you can say about yourself in front of the mirror.  

But there’s no better time to stop obsessing on the media’s distorted perception of beauty than now. It may take time but soon you’ll finally be able to realize that you can be free from the bondage of fixation with superficialities and re-write your own concept of beauty. 


 2. Embrace the present moment  

You’re beautiful inside and out – right now. Not in the distant past or at some point in the near future – and certainly not after you’ve had your fill of Botox or whatever the latest cosmetic surgical fad may be. 

Live in the present! When you finally learn to throw away the mindset of frustration and insecurity, you’ll spend your energy illuminating and embracing your own beauty and celebrating the best things about yourself today.  


 3. Flexibility is strength but elegance is timeless 

To be your own kind of beautiful, you must know what works for you and what doesn’t. Nobody can tell you you’re not supposed to wear this or that – you always have the final say on what makes you feel and look good.   

The key, however, is to take ownership of your personal sense of style and your overall self-esteem 

Fashion should neither be a crutch nor an enemy; rather, it is your strategizing tool for accentuating your best features and polishing up all the other areas you’re not too keen to show off.  

You can opt to experiment on fashion fads but not at the expense of feeling good and confident about yourself 

You know something’s right for you when it allows you to exude a timeless elegance that you can take pride of – and that everyone can take notice of 


 4. Beauty is skin deep 

It seems like such a cliché but it is a cliché precisely because it contains a greater truth. You can always look good on the outside but your true beauty lies within.  

So, eat and drink healthy, adopt an active lifestyle, and live a life of passion and peace. When your soul is happy, you will glow inside and out. 


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