Pro Tip: 4 Beauty Essentials Worth The Investment

Pro Tip: 4 Beauty Essentials Worth The Investment

Almost any woman can relate: that heart-wrenching moment whether or not to indulge in a top-of-the-line beauty tool oskincare device that promises the world – but with a heavy price tag. 

With the plethora of makeup/cosmetic products, beauty accessories, and skincare treatments in the market these days, how can you be sure which ones are worth the cost and which ones are not? 

Check out these four investment-worthy beauty essentials that will get you a two-thumbs up from pros in the industry – and you won’t regret shelling out your hard-earned dollars for them. 

  1.  LED Mirror 
    Back in the olden days, many mothers and grandmothers would have their own lighted vanity table in their boudoirs simply because they cared about – and took pride in – their appearance. Whether equipped with traditional string of light bulbs or a small mirror with built-in lights – no other piece of furniture in history has ever worked so hard to help girls look their best

    In the name of self-care and hours of primping, a makeup mirror with the best-LED technology is just the thing to splurge on to help you get all dolled up any time at a moment’s notice. A LED mirror (which comes in many different sizes and styles) is exactly what you need to illuminate the flawlessness of your entire face in the best light – and much more!  

    From ensuring you don’t over-apply your makeup and leaving behind areas on your face you wanted to conceal to checking your skin for any alarming discolorations and making touch-ups a breeze – it is an amazing tool that changes the way you get ready. 

    Did we mention that a light-up vanity mirror also makes for some awesome selfies? 

  2. Multi-tasking Hair Iron 

    Not everyone is born with naturally silky, shiny hair. Thank God for hair styling tools! But fair warning: skimp on and you’ll pay a costly price. (Read: brittle strands, frazzled ends, and damaged locks.) 

    Invest in a high-quality all-in-one smoothing, waving, and straightening heated tool – and you’re set for a lifetime of hassle-free gorgeous hair. Whether you want to achieve straight and sleek results that last or produce blowout-worthy, perfectly rounded ringlets; a multitasking heated iron can up your hair game – both at home and when sashaying around the world.   

  3. Facial Cleansing Brush 

    Great-looking skin starts with squeaky clean skin, period.  

    And with the skyrocketing pollution levels your face is exposed to in this day and age, a traditional facial-cleanser-and-washcloth-combo won’t be enough to get rid of all dirt and impurities while a standard facial scrub is a little bit too harsh for everyday use. 

    For thoroughly cleansed yet gently exfoliated skin, get yourself a nice facial cleansing brush. It doesn’t contradict the old-school cleansing method, but this skincare game changer is totally worth the splurge – providing a better clean than with fingers only and definitely more hygienic than washcloths.  

    Select one according to your skin type: there are those that create micro-massage movements within seconds or produce non-abrasive vibrations for a deep cleaning action; while others are equipped for customized cleansing through adjustable settings to reach the toughest areas on your face.  

  4. Facial Steamer 

    While a facial cleansing brush allows for non-aggravating deep skin cleaning, a facial steamer – such as TEI SPA BEAUTY’s NeWave Facial Steamer – acts as the ultimate support system to ensure effectiveness of all those fancy creams, serums, and moisturizers you religiously slab on your face day and night.  

    It completely opens and unclogs all your pores which keeps blackheads at bay and minimizes breakouts. It encourages blood flow to your face which leads to a boost of elastin and collagen production. It infuses skin hydration and prepares your skin for maximum absorption of your skincare treatments and beauty products.  

    Btw, the NeWave Facial Steamer uses Nano-Ionic Steam Technology to transform regular steam 4,000 times smaller than its original size – making it easier to exfoliate your skin and infuse it with all the luxurious ingredients from your favorite products! 

Need we say more? 

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