Your Easy Buying Guide for the Best High-Tech Anti-Aging Devices

Your Easy Buying Guide for the Best High-Tech Anti-Aging Devices

Aging gracefully in a youth-obsessed society can prove to be difficult without any ‘outside’ assistance. If only you can simply brush off those mini wrinkles threatening to make a permanent home for themselves on the outer corners of your eyes (or heaven forbid, all over your face) as something inconsequential, then c’est la vie 

But if you find yourself becoming more frequently reluctant to look at the mirror (because just the right horrible lighting can make everything look worse), you’re like the rest of us.  

That crushed confidence and tiny screams of desperation combo is enough to warrant a trip to the nearest plastic surgeon’s office. No more! These five tech-driven, handheld beauty gadgets will help you kick your at-home anti-aging regimen up a notch. 

  1. High-Frequency Facial Device – The OxyDerm™Tool 

    What it does: The OxyDerm™Tool sterilizes, brightens and tones your skin’s complexion while reducing redness, breakouts, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This professional-grade, FDA cleared, tech tool from TEI SPA Beauty is available in the Spa Box Pro Package. 

    How it works: This high-frequency facial tool is a hand-held wand with a clear tempered glass tip on the end that houses an electrode. Once activated, the electrode releases an inert gas which, when exposed to air, infuses the skin with rejuvenating and purifying oxygen.  

    The science behind it: It utilizes high-frequency electrical currents and a rapid rate oscillating action to produce oxygen that can kill acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate dead skin cells, and eliminate toxins. 

  2. Radio Frequency Facial Device – T.E. 360 PRO 

    What it does: The T.E. 360 PRO reduces sagging, improves smoothness, and stimulates your skin’s ability to produce elasticity and collagen. Its unique radiofrequency (RF) technology is gentle enough to target all areas of your face and body in a single session. This professional-grade, FDA cleared, tech device from TEI SPA Beauty is available in the Spa Box Super Pro Package. 

    How it works: This high-tech radio frequency (RF) facial device emits heat to lift, tone, and tighten skin. It safely penetrates the skin’s tissues to boost cell regeneration without risking permanent discoloration or damage. 

    The science behind it: It utilizes radio waves to heat the innermost layer of the skin to improve skin tone, structure, and overall surface. This non-surgical heat induces new elastic and collagen to help skin become smoother, firmer and more supple. 

  3. Microcurrent Facial Device – ojo RENEW TM  

    What it Does: The ojo RENEW™ device uses thermal microcurrent technology to fight signs of premature aging. It can also provide relief from facial tension and stress, increase overall circulation, and reduce redness and inflammation. Its ingeniously designed form ensures that those hard-to-reach contours of your face can be reached. This professional grade, FDA cleared, tech device from TEI SPA Beauty is available in the Spa Box Super Pro Collection. 

    How it works: A microcurrent facial device works like a non-invasive facelift – sending soft, gentle vibrations through the skin to ‘train’ the facial muscles to appear plumper and firmer while adding more definition and prominence to all your best features.   

    The science behind it: It utilizes low-voltage electricity that mimics the body’s natural current to ‘work out’ the facial muscles and stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) cell growth. This leads to instant contouring, skin toning, and cumulative anti-aging results.   

  4. Nano-Scale Facial Mist Sprayer – Geni Mister Kit 

    What it does: The Geni Mister® makes it easier for your skin to absorb moisture. It can also be used as an instant skin refresher and quick-fix device for annoying static hair. This professional grade, FDA cleared, tech device from TEI SPA Beauty is available in the Spa Box 3 Collection. 

    How it works: Nano-scale facial mist sprayer is ideally used to start any skincare regimen or procedure. It effectively infuses the skin with moisture for better elimination of dirt, debris, and bacteria. It preps the skin for deep cleaning and makeup setting and leaves you looking totally fresh-faced and well-rested. 

    The science behind it: Water turns into Nano-scale mist particles to prepare the pores to effectively absorb it – making it easier to hydrate the skin, seal in extra moisture, and keep dry skin at bay. It is also an effective device for removing stubborn makeup residue, trapped dirt or oil, and dead skin cells to improve skin circulation and render an immediate facial glow. 

  5. Facial Steaming Device – NeWave Facial Steamer 

    What it does: The NeWave Facial Steamer uses Nano-Ionic Steam Technology to create steam 4,000 times finer than typical steam. This ensures that your pores will be effectively unclogged to make it easier to remove all impurities and exfoliate your skin.  

    How it works: When the skin is exposed to steam, the hot moisture unclogs the pores from undesirable toxins and even softens the superficial dead skin cells to make them easier to be removed. 

    The science behind it: The steam has a two-fold purpose: first, the water vapor helps loosen all dirt, debris, and contaminants embedded to the pores; second,  the heat encourages sweating which flushes out all these impurities without damaging the skin. 

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