FDA Approved vs. FDA Cleared Skin Care Products

FDA Approved vs. FDA Cleared Skin Care Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the agency that has jurisdiction over all products – from food and drugs to medical devices and skin care products – ensuring that these products have the proper classification to uphold and protect the general health of the public 

What does ‘FDA-approved’ mean? 

When cosmetic brands, skincare products, and beauty devices have an ‘FDA-approved seal on it, it means that the agency has deemed the product’s benefits is greater or higher than its potential risks.  

An FDA-approved product has undergone and passed numerous clinical tests – including those carried out on humans – based on the agency’s stringent standards to ensure that it will work according to its intended purpose. 

What does ‘FDA-cleared’ mean? 

If a manufacturer can give an established proof that their product has substantial value, worth, or significance when compared to an identical device that is already in the market, only then can the manufacturer claim that their product is ‘FDA-cleared’. 

An FDA-cleared product only has to go through a simple testing process and does not necessarily require human testing.  

Cleared Vs. Approved 

An FDA-approved label is required for products that are completely new or unique and have not been out in the market yet. An FDA-cleared label, on the other hand, should be sought out by manufacturers of products that look exactly the same as those in the market already (but from a different manufacturer).  

To be able to get either type of FDA classification, however, all products have to go through proper procedures to verify that they won’t cause any potential unreasonable risk of injury, illness, or harm to the user. 

Always Ask Your Doctor 

Before using a specific cosmetic brand, skincare productor beauty device, remember to ask your doctor if it has already been reviewed and evaluated by the FDA. Better yet, do your research first before making a purchase to ascertain whether it has an FDA-approved or an FDA-cleared status. 

Additional Information 

The FDA does not manufacture any of the products it evaluates for clearance or approval. Moreover, the agency does not conduct the required testing processes; instead, it reviews the reports or results from third-party laboratories to verify the product’s claim of its effectiveness.  

What is the FDA classification of products from TEI SPA BEAUTY? 

All products from TEI SPA BEAUTY are FDA-cleared and are safe to be used by professionals in private clinics as well as individuals within the comforts of their own homes.  

If you need assistance on your beauty regimen or skincare routine, feel free to browse through our skincare products and beauty devices today. Start your journey towards being your OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL with TEI SPA BEAUTY 

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