The Beginner’s Guide to Retinol

The Beginner’s Guide to Retinol

Whether you’re on the hunt for gorgeously glowing skin or you simply want to stop time in its tracks and delay signs of aging – retinol is your hardcore skincare ingredient that can make your skin look smoother, brighter, firmer, and youthful-looking.

What is retinol?

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative and a naturally occurring substance in the body. As skincare ingredient, it is used for boosting collagen production and cell turnover for rejuvenating purposes.

How does retinol work?

Basically, retinol is responsible for ‘instructing’ skin cell receptor sites to behave like how a healthy young cell should behave. It also works tirelessly to repair any damage caused by free radicals to delay signs of skin ageing.

Useful Insights about Retinol

1. Never too early to start

Sun spots, fine lines, and crow’s feet might be the last thing on any twenty-something’s mind. But if you want to get a good head start, regular use of retinol before you hit your 30s can prolong youthful-looking skin.

2. Balance is critical

Sensitive skin might react badly with retinol so beware. The key is to integrate it slowly and gently within your regular skincare regimen. If you’re still experiencing harsh side effects, don’t get discouraged – there are plenty anti-aging products available for your specific skin type.

3. Adopt an application strategy

If you want to use it at daytime, make sure to wear sunscreen after application. Better yet, reserve it during your nighttime skincare regimen to ensure its optimal efficacy. Never apply retinol during your holiday vacations when you’ll be spending lots of time in direct sunlight.

4. Not all retinols are the same

Retinol is just one of the Vitamin A retinoids (derivatives) that are used as skincare ingredient for many over-the-counter products. Your dermatologist will help you decide which is right for your skin type.

Retinyl palmitate, which is the weakest among all retinoids, is good for dry skin or sensitive skin. Adapalene, the strongest derivative, is used to treat acne.

5. Don’t neglect your décolletage 

Want killer cleavage? A retinol-infused essence applied to your neck and areas below it can work wonders in keeping it soft and smooth so you can dare to bare as you please.

Whatever skincare concerns you’re experiencing right now, TEI SPA BEAUTY can provide you with the right products and tools such as the CollaGenie Anti Aging Collagen Mask to strengthen your skin against signs of aging for a gorgeous glow that lasts.  

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