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Replacement Facial Sponge
Replacement Facial Sponge
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Replacement Facial Sponge


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TEI Spa Replacement Facial Sponge
UltraCleanse Facial Sponge Attachment

Compatible with the UltraCleanse Head to Toe Cleansing Device, our soft-bristle facial brush head is made to accommodate a range of skin types and should be replaced every 3 months. Order all 4 types to get the full body cleansing you need and the gorgeous skin you love. Be sure to choose the perfect skin scrub to complement your new brush heads!

    Use the UltraCleanse for full body cleansing and four brush heads to target every important area! The facial sponge is designed to gently massage theskin as it polishes away flakey, dry skin to makeway for increased absorption of moisturizers andserums. Ideal for sensitive skin, the facial sponge may also be used as a foundation or moisturizer applicator.To achieve the best results, remove all makeup before use. Apply your favorite cleanser, such as the TEI Spa’s Sea Salt Scrub, on to wet brush head. Gently move the brush in a circular motion across the face. Do not press the brush against the face. Place the brush flat against the treatment area; avoid using brush in an angled position.
    • For Gentle Cleansing of the face, neck and chest
    • Use with the Sea Salt Scrub or your favorite cleanser
    • The facial sponge is ideal for gentle cleansing and exfoliation on sensitive skin
    • Removes more makeup than manual cleansing and leaves the skin feeling clean and radiant


      Replace used brush heads every 2 to 3 months or as needed to ensure that you are actively removing dirt, oils and impurities from the skin.Replace the brush heads if the deformed filaments can no longer be restored to their original shape. Worn filaments will move impurities around rather than removing them. It may also irritate your skin.

      To remove the brush head: Using one hand grip the brush head while inserting finger tips in the area between the tool and the brush head. Using the other hand, firmly hold the tool. Pull the head away from the tool to remove. 

      To attach the brush head: Insert brush head into tool head by placing into appropriate position by noticing ridges. Push gently to snap head into place. Be sure you hear a tight snap. 

      TIP: Carfully clean and fully dry both the tool and the brush heads after each use to ensure cleanliness of tool as well as lack of buildup.




      To keep your brush head clean, simply rinse the brush head with antibacterial soap and warm water.  We recommend replacing your TEI Spa brush head every 2 to 3 months.  If brush head looses correct texture, shape, color or scent, it is recommended to change your brush head as soon as possible.


      TEI Spa Technological breakthrough, the UltraCleanse, now allows you to share one tool with the whole family. Replacable brush heads allow to easily purchase different brush heads to each family member and enjoy a community of cleansing at the lowest cost possible.

      UltraCleanse Tool and Attachments Designed by TEI Spa in California. Made in PRC.