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slim-u-lite body contouring, massaging device
Slim-U-Lite Massager for Body
Slim-U-Lite Massager for Body
Slim-U-Lite Massager for Body
Slim-U-Lite Massager for Body

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Slim-U-Lite Massager for Body

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Body Massager Tool for firmer and slimmer shape


Experience the relaxing and relieving benefits of this amazing device today! TEI Spa’s unique innovation of Body Contouring tool helps massage, and tone the arms, abs, legs, and hips. Using circular motions in an upward and outward direction alogn with your favorite body lotion or cream. This tool helps exercise body muscle and stimulates blood circulation thus reducing the cellulite and fat accumulate. The result is toner, firmer, and slimmer body shape.


  • Water-resistant, best to use with your favorite body cream. 
  • Use Slim-U-Lite ® for 3-5 minutes or as preferred per treatment area, up to 15 minutes total time per use
  • Move Slim-U-Lite ® in large circular motions in an upward and outward directions. Start from the bottom of the treatment area
  • Shutting off the tool while changing body positions will allow more continuous usage
  • Limit usage to 30 minutes per day 


Place Slim-U-Lite ® on charger stand for 3 hours until fully charged before initial use and if not recently used.

Make sure the tool is completely dry before charging. The charging base and AC adaptor are NOT water resistant nor waterproof.

The Slim-U-Lite ® needs recharging when both Red and Blue LED indicators flash 5 times

Connect the rotating attachment: Affix the attachment to the tool by aligning the hexagonal connectors. Remove the attachment after use by pulling straight off. Do NOT pull of at an angle.

Operating Your Slim-U-Lite ® :

1. Hold the Slim-U-Lite ® Tool at hand grip on sides.

2. Power ON Tool by holding down power button for 2-3 seconds. Slim-U-Lite ® Tool will be in LOW setting with clockwise rotation.

3. Switch setting and rotation direction by pressing the power button.

4. POWER OFF TOOL by holding down power button for 2-3 seconds.

5. Remove Body Massage Attachment after use and wash with soap and warm water. Allow to dry.

6. Return the Slim-U-Lite ® Tool to the Charging Base, making sure to dry the Tool completely before re-charging.

Auto Power Off: The Tool with automatically shut off after 15 minutes of continuous use.


  • ON/LOW setting: LED lights BLUE
  • HI setting: LED lights RED
  • CHARGE setting: LED lights ORANGE
  • LOW BATTERY:  LED flashes RED and BLUE 5 times
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: LED flashes 10 times and power will turn OFF


1. Power OFF the Tool before charging.

2. Plug the AC Adapter on the Charging Base into wall outlet.

3. Pull down charging Pin Cover on the Tool and place it in the Charging Base storage area during charging.

4. Connect Charging Pin on the Tool with Charging Base.

5. LED lights ORANGE to indicate charging.

6. LED lights turns off when charging is complete. Unplug AC Adapter. A full charge allows approximately 30 minutes usage.


  • Do NOT use Slim-U-Lite ® in any of the following conditions: Abnormal blood pressure, Skin inflammation, Open wounds, Irritation, If you are pregnant, After cosmetic surgery, If you have health conditions, check with physician prior to use
  • Keep Tool and packaging out of reach of children.
  • Use only the supplied AC Adaptor.
  • Do NOT twist or stretch the AC Adaptor cable
  • Do NOT use the Tool or Body Massager Attachment if it is damaged
  • Keep Charging Base away from all liquids. Never use the Charging Base in the bath, sauna or other damp areas.
  • Do NOT use the Tool near fire or any heating devices.
  • Do NOT hit, drop, disassemble or repair this Tool. Please return to TEI Spa Essentials for repair

  • Always start use on LOW setting.
  • Switch to HIGH setting only when comfortable.
  • Do NOT use on one area for more than 5 minutes
  • Do NOT massage over completely dry skin. Keep skin moist to avoid tugging and irritation.
  • Do NOT use on: Around heart, At navel, Over bones, including elbows, knees, and ankles, On face, neck, or head, Over hair or clothing as tangling may occur and cause damage, wounds, cuts, abrasions, or irritated skin.
  • Avoid using Tool with too much pressure onto the skin. This may cause irritation or muscle damage and the Tool may over heat. 
  • For your safety, the Tool will automatically power off if sensor detects potential damage.
  • Those with sensitive skin or very fatty areas should keep skin flat to avoid discomfort
  • If irritation occurs, immediately stop use and check with a physician if it does not subside.
  • Do NOT remove silicone cover except when charging the Tool. Silicone cover serves as protection when using in the shower. Make sure cover is securely in place when in use.
  • If LED light does not indicate the Tool is charging, check to make sure the Charging Pin on the Tool is securely connected to the Charging Spring on the base. Make sure the AC adaptor is securely plugged the hexagonal connectors.


Remove Body Massager Attachment after used and rise with soapy water. Place on the counter and allow to dry.

Store in a cool, dry area to avoid water damage.

    Recommended and Used by Professionals.