What is ojo Renew?

What is ojo Renew?

TEI Spa has been known for being on the cutting edge of technology. Our tools provide innovative design, are sleek and portable and are tools that deliver results. 

The newest addition to the TEI Spa family and soon to be released ojo Renew is exactly the tool we have all been searching for. 

What is it?

ojo Renew's 2 function setting can either provide a warming effect on the skin, or a cool setting for the more sensitive/sensitized skin types. Both settings provide micro-current and massage! ojo RENEW improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite serums or creams. It helps fight the signs of aging by increasing circulation and toning the skin. The gentle vibration helps to relieve stress and tension on our face where we carry it the most. Releasing toxins and waste therefore improving the overall health of our skin.

It's creative head design allows for the ojo RENEW to reach every inch of skin around the eyes, corners of the mouth, around the nose and on the forehead. Use it anywhere on smaller areas of concern on your face!

The best thing is that you can take your ojo RENEW anywhere! It's USB Rechargeable and cordless.


ojo Renew – TEI Spa Beauty


If you are interested in ordering or becoming a retailer please send an email to Service@teispa.com or call 702-848-7388 ext 103



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