Top 5 Beauty Tips for living in a desert

Top 5 Beauty Tips for living in a desert

I am the marketing coordinator for TEI Spa Beauty, I have been in the beauty industry for years now but by no means am I an expert. For those of you who do not know TEI Spa Beauty headquarters is located in Las Vegas! I have lived in Las Vegas for more than six years now and man oh man has my skin changed in the last six years. I am sure age does not help this situation butttt living in this dry desert heat can be very harsh on your skin. Thought I would share a few tips that have saved my skin over the years living in a desert. 

  1. WATER WATER WATER. Drinking an adequate amount of water is important for overall health and a lack of hydration will cause your skin to be dry and flaky which an cause premature aging in your skin. 
  2. Wear SPF to avoid sun damage. Sun damage can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and in some cases skin cancer.
  3. Read labels and know your ingredients. We all have different skin care needs. It is important to do your research and learn what ingredients do what. It would be like trying to make dish without knowing what ingredients to use.
  4. Facials. Do your best to get facials regularly (try for at least once every other month) The reason this is important is because estheticians use tools to get to the deeper layers of the skin. Trust me I know this can get pretty pricey but fear not... This is what we specialize in. TEI Spa Beauty tools are used by professionals and consumers alike. We have tools for every step of the facial process which makes it possible to do your own facials. 
  5. Skincare routine. A daily skincare routine before applying makeup and again before you go to sleep will keep your skin looking youthful. Follow these steps 1. Cleanse & Exfoliate (sea salt scrub) 2. Oxygenate & Disinfect (The OxyDerm) 3. Massage & Stimulate (ojo RENEW and TE 360) 4. Moisturize & Rejuvenate (CollaGenie). 

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