Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated this Winter

Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated this Winter

rThe cold, harsh weather is upon us. Our skin is affected differently by the environment changes from season to season. For some of us it tends to become dry, flaky, rough, and irritated, while others experience little to no change. Why you may ask? If you stay hydrated beyond drinking water, you are less affected by the weather changes. Not only does the temperature drop during the winter season, the humidity does as well. This leads to dryness in the skin but with proper care, you can easily avoid this condition.


How to keep our skin hydrated?

It is absolutely necessary for you to have a proper health and beauty routine in place during this season. Here are some tips:

1. Drink more water. During winter, the body does not get easily dehydrated and it does not need water to cool itself down like in summer. However, not drinking water or drinking less water may cause dehydration. Water makes for the most important part of our body, it is made of 70% of water regardless of the time of the year. Drinking water will help increase hydration, try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

2. Eat healthy foods. Consuming hydrating foods like oranges, oatmeal, celery, strawberries, yogurt, sweet potato, herbs, and soups is a good way to add more water into your daily diet. Limit your intake of fried and processed foods as they take moisture from your body.

3. Use warm water. Don’t take hot showers. It will lead to even drier skin. Keeping your shower short and warm is ideal. Applying a moisturizer on your skin after showering helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Do not forget to take care of you hands and feet, wear socks and gloves.

4. Use SPF. Yes, we still need to apply sunscreen. We tend to neglect this step thinking that the weather is colder so there must be less harmful UV rays. The levels of UVA are still high enough to causing aging in your skin. When going outside do not neglect this step in your daily routine.

5. Apply the right skincare products. Using the right creams especially after taking a shower is key and helps seal water into your skin. You can use cocoa butter, aloe vera or jojoba to form a protective barrier. Also, exfoliating once a week helps rid the skin of dead skin cells and increases product absorption.

Skin Hydrated this Winter

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