Summer Tour 2017 - Destination - INDIA

Summer Tour 2017 - Destination - INDIA

We are at the halfway mark through the summer season.

\With only a few months left we are beginning to head in to the end of our 2017 Summer Tour!

A few weeks ago we started off our Tour in the wonderful, enchanting country of India. 

We were very honored to be invited by The U.S. Commercial Services Department.  To have the ability to network and meet many business owners in our industry in the country of India was so enlightening and we were deeply grateful for the opportunity. 

Thank you to our friends with the U.S. Commercial Service Department and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Cindy Ma, Smitra Sherigar, and Manu Phookan for being such great hosts and facilitators of the event. With their help we were able to introduce our products to several potential distributors in the country of India.  

Our owner and CEO Pei Eichel made the trek and represented us with pride - "The trip was amazing and the people of India were welcoming hosts" Pei explained. "I can't wait to go back!" Her favorite parts about India were not only the people but the spice market and street cart chai!!

mmmmm....what I wouldn't do for a street cart chai right about now. 

This is only the beginning of our venture in to becoming an international brand and we are excited for what the future holds.

Thank you India!




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