Should I buy an Infrared Thermometer?

Should I buy an Infrared Thermometer?

With so much concern about health and safety at this time, it was important that we have the proper equipment to reopen our businesses. One important item we and health experts recommend is the non-contact forehead infrared thermometer. It will be significantly beneficial in performing the daily preventive protection measures that we must do to minimize cross-contamination and maximize safety for all of us in every community during this trying time. Extra measures taken helps ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.


How does an infrared thermometer work?

The infrared thermometer is a handheld device pointed at a person's forehead in order to take the temperature without making any contact with a person’s skin. It is sometimes described as a “thermometer gun,” the device is equipped with an infrared sensor that can quickly measure surface temperature. It has become an important tool for countries to contain and slow the spread of viral outbreaks. The thermometer determines the temperature by measuring the heat emanating from the surface of a person’s body. If, however, the person doesn’t hold the device close enough to the subject’s forehead, it could generate unusually low temperature readings, or hold them too close and get a high reading. It’s essential to take one’s temperature under normal conditions, not right after being out in the hot sun or drinking a cold soda. Exercise, hydration status, and clothing will all affect your temperature as well. It is better to wait at least 20 minutes, under those circumstances.

Fever is a common symptom of the coronavirus, some health experts recommended using this devices as it is used for quick screening of high temperatures. Since fever is one of the most common signs a person may have contracted the new coronavirus, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it’s now acceptable for employers to take workers’ temperatures as well.


What temperature is considered normal?

We all have heard that the normal body temperature for a typical adult is widely considered 98.6°F. The truth is, there is no one exact "normal" body temperature, and depending on your age, the time of day, and how active you are, it's more accurate to describe a normal body temperature as a range of 97°F (36.1°C) and 99°F (37.2°C). While normal body temperatures for adults range between 97°F and 99°F, the spectrum is slightly different for children and older adults.

Children, on average, tend to be slightly warmer than adults, and those over the age of 65 are cooler. This is generally due to a faster metabolism in those of a younger age. 


What temperature indicates a fever?

A fever is considered any temperature over 100.4°F for adults, which is your body's way of fighting off an illness, infection or virus.


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Should we have a infrared thermometer?

Having a thermometer is wise for anyone planning to have customers or clients visit their business and come into contact with their staff or close to other people. It’s good to have one on hand, it eliminates cross-contamination and maximizes safety. It also shows we are being responsible and protecting ourselves, staff and our customers. It’s simple and easy, just point at the person’s forehead and get the reading in as fast as 1 second for most infrared thermometer.


Please keep in mind that fever isn’t the only indicator of the new coronavirus. Other symptoms include persistent cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and loss of taste or smell. Fever is one indicator, but an important one to look for.


We hope this information was helpful and gives you a better understanding of the Infrared Thermometer Gun.

Until next time keep safe and stay healthy

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