Purifying the Air

Purifying the Air

What is ozone?

Ozone is an internationally recognized cleaning method. It has a strong oxidation. It can be decomposed into oxygen in a short time at room temperature with almost no residue. Negative ions can also activate oxygen molecules in the air. You can enjoy the fresh air brought by the oxygen carried by negative ions, thereby protecting the respiratory system in a healthier and cleaner environment.


What does the Smart Air Purifier do?

Eliminate and neutralize odors with this amazing ozone based ionizer air purifier. Get rid of musty smells, smoke and pet odors. It kills bacteria and viruses. The bactericidal capacity is 600 times more than that of antibiotics and 3000 times greater than that of ultraviolet rays.

Due to the small molecular weight of ozone, it has a strong penetration effect on cells and tissues, which quickly penetrate into them to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Its principle of action is different from that of any antibiotic and anti-virin, and finally oxygen is formed. Bacterial viruses do not have any resistance to it, and will not produce resistance after long-term use.



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