Micro Current Facial: A Non-Surgical Path to a Youthful-Looking You

Micro Current Facial:  A Non-Surgical Path to a Youthful-Looking You

Micro Current technology is a clinically tested procedure in beauty spa and skincare centers specializing in facial contouring and non-surgical anti-aging programs. This safe and painless technique, which is also known as ‘red carpet facial,’ can help in erasing wrinkles and fine lines while reducing puffiness, tightening pores, and improving muscle tone.

When was Micro Current technology first used?

Micro current technology is an FDA-approved muscle stimulating therapy treatment that is used to treat patients with Bell’s palsy during the 19th century. The low-level electric current stimulation can improve the function of damaged nerves and help with muscle retraining and rehabilitation. 

How does Micro Current facial work?

During the procedure, a handheld device is used to apply soft, gentle pressure all over the skin’s surface. This vibrating sensation serves as a muscle ‘workout’ which makes the facial features appear more flushed, more awake, and more lifted.

The mild but firm electrical impulses emitted during a Micro Current facial treatment mimic the body’s electrical signals that result in increased ATP production, a crucial component for creating more elastin and collagen.

This is why it is considered as a powerful yet non-invasive beauty technique to minimize, delay, or prevent the effects of the aging process.

Is Micro Current facial right for me?

Anyone who wants fresher, fuller, and younger-looking skin can benefit from this needle-free and knife-free facial procedure. It is safe and effective for individuals of all ages, skin colors, and skin types.

However, a doctor’s approval or recommendation is needed by:  

  • anyone who has extreme skin allergies and sensitivities  
  • anyone who has recently undergone cosmetic surgery  
  • anyone with heart issues or taking prescription medicine 
  • pregnant or nursing women 

What are the benefits of Micro Current facial procedure?

After your first treatment, there is an obvious firmness and definition of facial features such as the jawline, cheekbones, and eye area. It feels like your face has been stretched out and re-sculpted to look younger without the frozen Botox effect.

Regular sessions will also eliminate the puffiness and dullness of skin as it doubles as lymphatic drainage massage. Tightness may also be felt around the forehead and under eye area. This will lead to better skin elasticity and hydration for a natural overall facial rejuvenation.

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