Join us for a Holistic Healing Event in Las Vegas at TEI Spa Beauty headquarters on Aug 8th! Limited Space RSVP for our AM and/or PM class. $75 for one class OR $125 for both! By attending both AM & PM classes you will learn how to do facial and body cupping and all attendees receive a FREE 12 pcs Cupping Set!

Cupping is well-known for increasing the body systems productivity and helps to release stored toxins in the body. It is a practice where cups are placed on skin to stimulate the micro-vascular system and the central nervous system. It dilates the capillaries to increase the circulation of the blood flow which in return strengthens the immune system.

Features & Benefits of Facial/Body Cupping:

Lift, Sculpt and defines the facial contours
Stimulates Fibroblast response for collagen and elastin production
Increase oxygen-rich blood circulation, nutrient flow, strengthen skin & connective tissues
Excellent non-invasive treatment to help minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage
Helps to draw many things out of the body such as snake bites, infection, cold & flu’s and any underlying issues
Promotes health and healing by loosening soft tissue and connective tissue, scarring and adhesions.
Moving Stagnation by increasing lymphatic flow and circulation
Helps with issues in the body (gallbladder, liver, lung, intestines, stomach, spleen, heart, bladder kidney...)

See you beauty lovers there!!

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