All about Healthier looking skin

All about Healthier looking skin

The OxyDerm® works by creating Ozone. (Ozone = O = 3 molecules of Oxygen). O is a clean and refreshing molecule known to help fight impurities deep in the skin that lead to blemishes/acne. When set on the skin, the OxyDerm® reduces skin  blemishes, diminishes the appearance of redness, irritation and inflammation, and  helps to visibly brighten the skin’s complexion.

Just 3-5 minutes a day of high frequency treatments will clear up and help prevent the appearance of breakouts,  visibly brighten the skin’s complexion and improve product penetration. You can use it to prevent ingrown hair after shaving, for both women and men.

Those  using  high  frequency  for  anti-aging purposes may  not  notice  the  full benefits of treatment for several weeks. High frequency has been shown to  produce an immediate and temporary lifting effect with some individuals. Continued daily application will provide more cumulative long lasting results. Those using high frequency for the treatment of acne, have reported a  clear  improvement  in  their complexions after only a few days. With continued use, the result is clearer, softer, firmer, brighter, more vibrant looking skin! 

Its large glass bulb facilitates face and body treatment by allowing the user to cover a wider area and minimize application time. The OxyDerm® conveniently plugs directly into your  power outlet and does not incorporate an awkward and heavy base unit. It also comes with a plastic cap to protect the delicate high frequency glass bulb head when not being used.

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