A Skin Care Routine With Amazing Results

A Skin Care Routine With Amazing Results

The latest TEI Spa Beauty products has everything to do with

The Final Result

4 easy steps to get Radiant Healthy Skin

Exfoliate the skin. Make sure the product you use does not strip the skin of moisture but removes every ounce of makeup and grime on the face, like our
Sea Salt Srub with a loofah.

Once your face is all washed and exfoliated, it is time to use the OxyDerm tool to sterilize the skin and get rid of any bacteria underneath the skin’s surface. Reduces pores and oil production. Helps to balance the pH of skin.

Our skincare routine does not stop here. We make sure that you have radiant, glowing and healthier looking skin at the end of this routine.

After using the OxyDerm on your skin, applying the OxyCalming Serum to your whole face and let the skin soak up the serum.

Last but not least. It’s time for hydration.

Our CollaGenie Facial Mask is the answer to hydrating the skin. It is as easy as 1-2-3.



After following this routine for at least 4 weeks you will see amazing results. Your skin is feels and looks healthier.

Just 4 easy steps is all it takes. 

Our products can be incorporated into your daily or weekly skincare routine. 

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